Noah 2014

Noah 2014

As a young boy, Noah witnesses his father, Lamech, killed by Tubal-Cain. Many years later, Noah is living with his wife Naameh and their sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth; but after seeing a flower grow instantly from the ground and haunted by vivid dreams of a great flood, Noah takes them to visit his grandfather, Methuselah.
On the way, they come upon a group of people recently killed, and adopt the lone survivor, a girl named Ila. Noah and his family are chased by Tubal-Cain’s men, but seek refuge with the fallen angels known as the ‘Watchers’, confined on Earth as stone golems for helping humans banished from the Garden of Eden. Methuselah gives Noah a seed derived from Eden, from which an entire forest grows within seconds, whose trees Noah’s family and the watchers cut to build Noah’s Ark. As the Ark nears completion, animals of various (fictional) species enter the ark and are put to sleep by incense.

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